Top 5 Photography Articles

Top 5 Photography Articles

I tend to get a bit addicted to reading tutorials, or other guides on how to do things. This, of course, relates to my photography as well – and the internet is just so full of people who are great at what they do, and willing to share information on how to do things. So I figure I’ll put together a small list of ten guides that I’ve found really good, and which has helped me quite a lot with my photography.

#1 Strobist: Lightning 101
Perhaps this would better be described as a small book, rather than an article. An amazing work was put into this tutorial which teaches you everything you would need to know about lighting and how your camera flash works. It also explains how to get the most out of your flash.

#2 – Portrait Photo guide and tips
Mostly a practical guide, but also a guide that covers a basic concept of what makes you a great portrait photographer. It also uses quite a bit of photos to make the points clearer. Generally a good read if you want to improve in your portrait skills.

#3 Digital Camera World – 44 Essential digital camera tips and tricks
This isn’t really an article that only guides you to shoot better pictures, but it is an article that helps your whole photography… It lists a lot of practical and great advice on how to manage different things around your photography, as well as some tips that actually can improve your picture-taking skills. If you’re new to photography, this list is great. It might even have some tips for experienced photographers.

#4 Cnet – 50 essential photography tips
I have a thing for easy-to-read toplist articles it seems. This is another one listing a bunch of good advice and tips for photographers. It also covers basic camera, and photography knowledge that might really help improve – or just teach you – a bunch of things. A good read for people who are newer to photography, but also contains at least a couple of tips and tricks that can help people who are old in the game.

#5 ePHOTOzine – Ten macro photography tips
Yet another toplist article. They really seem to catch my attention… I think it’s the short format, compact information kind of thing that gets me hooked. Anyway, it’s a bunch of good advice in this article if you like to shoot macro pictures, or if you’re thinking of giving it a go.

Edit: The first edit to this post, which is not really an article, but a YouTube-clip. Good advice all the same though… :)

I just wanted to take the moment to explain that the numbering of these articles are not really related to which are the best ones or not, it’s just to make it more structured. Also, this list is in no way exhaustive and there are most likely a massive amount of great photography articles out there that I have missed. If you have any good articles that should really be on this list, please leave them in a comment and I’ll include them… there’s nothing that says that this list can’t turn into a top 10, or 20, or something list.

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I’m Anders Ferrer. A guy from a rather small village in Sweden, called Grästorp. I’ve been taking pictures for a few years now, a couple of years ago I got my first digital reflex camera and also started my first photo blog. That makes this website my second photo blog.

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  1. Ellinor Sjöberg - March 10, 2013

    Svar; Hej Anders! Tack så jätte mycket för din trevliga kommentar & dina ord. Känns alltid extra värmande att höra positiva ord ifrån en annan fotograf. Ha en bra dag! MvH Ellinor Sjöberg :)

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