In the Ice

In the Ice

Today was another good day, sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold either. I’m still exploring what works as black and white photographs, and with risk of repeating myself I once read that when it comes to black and white, it’s about shapes and lines. So, I’m trying a bit more of that. I’m hoping that in time, I’ll develop some kind of eye for what is a good b & w picture.

A little while ago, I was listening to a man who been a photographer most of his life. He said that when it comes to shooting good pictures it’s better to learn how the light interacts with one certain place, rather than trying to find great pictures by moving around a lot. Those were probably not his exact words, but that’s what I made from what he said. And with that in mind, I’ve been going back to one of my favourite places to photograph a few times this week.

Today I found a new place where the sun gives interesting light and contrast as it sets… and this image is one of the ones that I got from that discovery. There are interesting things hiding in the ice, sometimes.

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