• Four Towers

    Four Towers

    A view of four towers from the parking outside of the Edinburgh castle in Scotland.
  • First Portrait

    First Portrait

    I hardly remember how to post photos anymore, I guess that says a lot about…
  • Bubbly


    Spring, or early summer is finally here in Sweden. So I've started with more macro…
  • Cart Wheels

    Cart Wheels

    It's been a while since I had inspiration to go out and take some pictures,…
  • In the Ice

    In the Ice

    Today was another good day, sun was shining and it wasn't too cold either. I'm…
  • Tracks


    Today I got some "new" lenses for the first time in a very long time.…
  • Snow Crystal

    Snow Crystal

    I've had a lot of things going on lately so little time for for photography.…
  • The Three

    The Three

    Since the weather today doesn't really allow for any outdoor photography, today was a day…
  • Fade


    I've been trying some more night photography lately, maybe because it's still very dark days here in Sweden.
  • Forgotten


    Walking to the car yesterday, I found this lonely, forgotten rose laying on the ground.
  • Winter River

    Winter River

    It's a rare thing that I manage to get more than one picture that I'm happy with during one session, but it does happen.
  • Forest Lights

    Forest Lights

    The bad summer last year didn't seem to lead to a mild winter. It's time for some newer photos here.
  • Puddle Lake

    Puddle Lake

    It was last spring, we went out into the forest after a rain and found some muddy puddles.
  • White Embrace

    White Embrace

    Since the summer was rather bad last year, it lead to quite a bit of…
  • Last Light

    Last Light

    A sunset from late last summer. It was a very cold summer last year but the sun did show itself a few times.
  • As Fire

    As Fire

    For a few years I've been going to the local light festival in the village - Nossan Ljusfestival.
  • In the Grass

    In the Grass

    What at first seemed like a failed photo actually grew on me when I went through old pictures the other day.