I’m Anders Ferrer. A guy from a rather small village in Sweden, called Grästorp. I’ve been taking pictures for a few years now, a couple of years ago I got my first digital reflex camera and also started my first photo blog. That makes this website my second photo blog, the first one was a subdomain on an old website and I felt it was time to get a dedicated domain for the photography. If you’re interested in my old site, please contact me and I’ll send you the link.

This blog, is just as the first one, my attempt to reach a slightly bigger audience than my family and hopefully get constructive critique, and grow thanks to it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the critique from my family – they just tend to be quite kind.

The 365 Project
On the old site, my 365 project resides among the other images. When I started the project I felt that my photography was suffering due to work and studies, and forcing myself to take one picture per day was a way to get more routine in my hobby. Finishing it felt real good, but it did make me a bit burned with photography for a while. I did learn quite a lot during the project though, and it did help me grow.

I use a Nikon D80, which I find have all the features I currently need. The lenses I use vary a bit, but mostly I find that the Nikon 18-135mm lens works quite well in most situations for me.

Legal Info
All the photos on this website are (unless specifically stated) subject to swedish and international copyright laws and copyrighted to me – Anders Ferrer.
No copying, reproduction or modification of the photos are allowed without my permission.

That said though, if you are interested in using my pictures in any way, please contact me through the form on this page.