A new beginning

A new beginning

I intend to start this blog off by talking a bit about the past year. Partly because I want to, and partly because it explains to people who might have followed me previously why I didn’t take so much pictures last year.

The year 2012
Last year started on a high note with a wedding, namely my own. However, things went from great to really darn crappy. In April my mother found out she had a brain tumor, of the bad kind – the really bad kind (gliablastoma multiforme). As with this type of cancer, the outlook was grim. Normally people diagnosed with it lives from around 6 months on the low end, to 2 years on the high end.
My mother had surgery in the middle of May, and everything went fine. She recovered very fast and things looked pretty good for about a month, when the x-ray showed that the tumor grown back. She started on chemotherapy. She handled the chemo really well with very little effect on her health, and it showed that it worked on the tumor too – it had began to shrink.
As my mother suffered from pretty severe scoliosis as well, her balance was not the best. So she fell a couple of times, one time so bad that she fractured her pelvic bone. Not a great thing for someone already weak from fighting a brain tumor, so her health overall got quite a bit worse. Still fighting though, she recovered quite well from this too and she had enough mobility to move around at home, sometimes needing help from her loving husband.
That was in August. In mid-November she went for MR, to check the tumors state. Early December she finally got the answer, that the tumor was again growing and the chemo no longer had any effect. The doctors decided to stop all treatment. This, of course, shattered my mothers spirit and also, I believe, partly her will to live. She was already very broken mentally and physically from both treatment and the disease itself. My mother died the day before new years, 2012, at the age of 63 – many years too early.
So, what started off as a wonderful year, ended with the loss of one of my best friends. Someone who will have a place in my heart forever, and who will be missed eternally.

The new beginning
Having someone so close to you getting so very ill means that it takes precedence over almost everything else in life. And, so it did with my dear mother. Which meant that apart from being with her as much as possible, and doing the necessary things in life, everything else was put aside. Including photography.
I’ve been thinking, for quite a long time, to get a new photoblog set up on a domain of it’s own. Seeing as the old blog was on a subdomain on an old site. For me this blog is more than just a practical move from the old domain, it’s also a new start. A new start of the interest in photography, a new start of the year, but also a way to carry on photography, something that my mother often praised me for (of course, I know that mothers do praise generously, but still). Also, it opens a new venue for me, one I’ve never dabble in before – blogging. I guess I will blog about a bit of everything, life, photography, and a combination of both. Hopefully I can provide some insight into either with experiences I might write about. So, for better or worse, it’s going to be a lot of new things.

Author Bio

I’m Anders Ferrer. A guy from a rather small village in Sweden, called Grästorp. I’ve been taking pictures for a few years now, a couple of years ago I got my first digital reflex camera and also started my first photo blog. That makes this website my second photo blog.


  1. CrashRyan - February 24, 2013

    ouch … a sea-saw ride for you last year! here’s hoping 2013 is free of drama! nice pic too … wonderful and dream like

  2. Emma - November 26, 2013

    So sincere… big big hug to you!

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