• Snow Crystal

    Snow Crystal

    Macro photography of a snow crystal.

  • Bubbly
  • Four Towers seen from Edinburgh Castle

    Four Towers seen from Edinburgh Castle

    Tourism! And photo editing. Can't go wrong.

Still trying to see the world...

My Recent Photography

  • Four Towers

    Four Towers

    A view of four towers from the parking outside of the Edinburgh castle in Scotland.
  • First Portrait

    First Portrait

    I hardly remember how to post photos anymore, I guess that says a lot about…
  • Bubbly


    Spring, or early summer is finally here in Sweden. So I've started with more macro…
  • Cart Wheels

    Cart Wheels

    It's been a while since I had inspiration to go out and take some pictures,…

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Top 5 Photography Articles

I tend to get a bit addicted to reading tutorials, or other…
About photo manipulation

About photo manipulation

In relation to my most recent photo I decided to try to…
A new beginning

A new beginning

I intend to start this blog off by talking a bit about…